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Tony Powers: Music


(Tony Powers)

Your smile’s so beautiful
It’s that sweet moment
When the sun breaks thru
You are the dream I dreamt
That just for once came true.
You’re my happiness
You know the poet’s say
That beauty is
In the beholder’s eye
But it’s in my arms
‘Cause I’ll be holdin’ you
You are my beautiful
And if you’d said to me
I’ll bet you anything
She’ll be your girl
I’d’ve bet you everything
That I had in this world
And then you know of course
I’d pray like hell I lost
Yes, I can prove to you
That heaven really does exist
I knew it the second
We first kissed goodnite
The stars shone so damn bright
And the angels sang hosannas
Sometimes I ask myself
How would it be if
We should grow apart?
And just the thought of it’s
Enough to break my heart
Cause you’re my everything
Up to the day we met
My luck had never
Held before
But I swear it’s true
That my luck held
The door for you
‘N led you by the hand into
My life
That afternoon
Lorraine if not for you,
I’d still be eyein’ lovers
I’d still be wond’rin’
Where that great love is
For me
I’d still be looking’ for you
My Lorraine.