I fear that my meager satire can in no way ever approach the dizzying heights of absurdity that is the Human Condition.

Still... One.  Must.  Try.


Hi...Thanks for clicking on. I hope you enjoy the songs on my latest CD "WHO COULD IMAGINE" Just click on the BUY LINK on the top of this page to listen to some samples and/or purchase the individual Tracks  .

Also, ALL MY MUSICFILMS, including the recently released "HOW DO YA", which is the first track of the CD, and "DON'T NOBODY MOVE (This is a Heist) the 4th track, can now be accessed by clicking on LINKS, (or just going to You Tube, as well as my other VIDEOS  - and a couple of YouTube fans re-edits and mash-ups)

First, on my home page you'll find my complete DISCOGRAPHY. There's some INFO ABOUT ME in the BIO section. The MUSIC section contains the LINE-UP OF MUSICIANS on the new CD, and some inside stuff about the making of "Heist," And, if you want to, you can read some REVIEWS of my work by clicking on the link PRESS.

Also, there are LINKS to INTERVIEWS, and scrolling down below all of those, many of my SINGLES HITS and RECORDS that have been put on YouTube by viewers. My FILM/TV ACTING CREDITS can also be seen at LINKS as well...

If you care to check out the LYRICS on "WHO COULD IMAGINE they're here for you to read--just click on MUSIC up top - and they also come with the track downloads.

Oh, and, if you'd like to, you can listen to CARTOON below.

Enjoy...and check in every now and then for what's new. Enjoy, tp

Below are a couple of reviews of "WHO CAN IMAGINE" 

“From the wispy shadows of the Brill Building comes Tony Powers and a masterpiece album, "Who Could Imagine," that demands to be heard. I tossed on this CD this morning and I must admit I was stunned. I don't know where to begin -- exquisite production, extraordinary songs, I love the vocals. Way out shit that feels comfortable on the first listen. Wicked point of view.It is not for everyone, but those who get Powers' spiky, acerbic wit and rich atmospheric music will become instant ardent devotees. He inhabits these songs like a great character actor -- think Bruce Dern, Alan Arkin, even Sydney Greenstreet -- and makes every note count. "Cartoon" is a stone classic waiting to be discovered. The entire "Who Could Imagine" is a wealth of treasures, but not for the faint of heart. Anyway, big cheers... "Cartoon" is fucking brillant. "How Do Ya" is like a scary Brian Wilson outtake. "This is a Heist" killed me. "Lorraine" was dear. Powers is strong medicine. But I'm thinking some of you will like it a lot.

                                                                              — Joel Selvin,  Pop Music Critic San Francisco Chronicle



Here is the disclaimer right here. Let’s just get this out in the open. This is my review of Who Could Imagine from Tony Powers. An album that contains a reworked, re-recorded version of a song so great, that if I wound up on deserted island dodging Komodo Dragons and busting open coconuts I would want it with me by whatever means available, IPOD, cd, cassette tape, etc. That song being, "Don’t Nobody Move (This is A Heist)...this is a very cohesive record, it’s got sharp insights and grand statements, it’s got melody, it’s got a range of musical styles spanning the pop spectrum, it’s got a unique vocalist with quite a lot to say.” - Manq

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