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In a disposable house
On a disposable street
In a disposable town
By a disposable beach
Sits a disposable man...
A disposable man
With his disposable wife
And their disposable plans
For their disposable life
All the disposable plans...
'N they work hard…very hard
Just to make ends meet
They drive an old family car...
Guzzles gasoline
They're savin' hard…very hard
To fix the children's teeth
They use a few...credit cards
Somewhat like you 'n me
Somewhat like you 'n me...
'Neath the disposable stars
In a disposable sky
Beat the disposable hearts
In their disposable times...
All the disposable times...
History is loosely arranged
Writers are ready in case
All facts are subject to change
We simply toss and replace
(We simply toss and replace.)
And the bombs bursting in air
Fill our hearts with pride
And the rock-rockets red glare
Choke us up inside
And the sea and the sky
Take it all in stride
So hush a bye-don't you cry...
Everything's all right
Everything's all right...