1. SADLY
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These words come
Filled with hate
And sadly they are said
With all due disrespect
And with each precious breath
Informed by naked loathing
Have we
Ever been thought
So third-rate
When was it this absurd
And when did we perfect
This shameless art of death
That comes in
Righteous clothing
Forgive me that I say
I wish them all to blow away
Yes, blow them back to dust
They’ve caused
So many souls to die
Tooth for a tooth,
Eye for an eye
The Bible that they
Hide behind
Says that this is just
When did we all wake up
When did we pawn the watch
And choose to keep the chain
Since when have we
Cheered thugs
Who smirked and sneered
While mugging us for our land
We’ve now come to be feared
The statue has a tear
Rolling down her cheek
We’re now led by the weak
Whose greatest fear is peace
Anywhere in the world