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Everybody's feelin’ great
It's like a national holiday
We're gazin' up all weepy-eyed
Puffed up to the gills with pride
A hundred eighty miles high
We're orbiting across the sky
Now I don't mean
To bring us down
But it's still a bitch
To get cross-town
Hey, we're goin’ into space
I'll watch it on the tube unless
The junkies robbed my place
It's a great day for
The human race
I'll catch it on T.V.
If I can find
A parking space...
What a wond’rous sight to see
A triumph of technology
In point of fact the perfect gift
For people who have everything
What a party, what a thrill
Not to mention what a bill
But what's three hundred billion
And so what if mass transit
Hey, we're goin' into space
It's much more fun to read about
Than crime or toxic waste
It’s a great day for the human
What a swell idea to send our
Money into space
Lighting up Tampas with
Dollar bills can be appealing
Lighting Havanas with hundreds
Is another feeling
Betting the rent on a long shot
To win it all
Has to be some kind of juice
But for a taste of a peach,
Or a day at the beach,
I'm into my pocket
But not for no rocket!!!
Bang the bugle, blow the drum
Tell the planets here we come
To build a station far from earth
(Just three hundred billion worth)
And when the housing,
And the schools,
And the jobs, and all the fools,
And the water, and the air,
Get so bad then
We'll go there
Hey-we're goin' into space
Why'n’t you bring
Some sandwiches
'N I'll go get a case
It's a great day for the human
We’re all done down here
Let’s go fuck up
Some other place
La la la la la
La la la la la La la la la la la...