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'O RONDONIA (Rain Forest)

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There was a forest here,
And we burnt it down
A lovely forest here,
And we cut it down
But we've explained it
As best as we can
And it appears that
We all understand
There was a forest here,
And we poisoned it
Some fifty million years,
And we strangled it
But we've explained
That it's part of a plan
And it's so nice that
We all understand
O' Rondonia,
We hate to see you cry
O' Rondonia,
You got a cinder in your eye?
O' Rondonia,
Why you wearin’ black?
(You would think that
The house burnt down)
Oh I told you not to worry
Told you not to worry
O' Rondonia,
Tomorrow you'll give thanks
O' Rondonia,
You got a highway to the banks
O' Rondonia,
I know its hard to see
The forest
For the goddamn trees
But I swear to you
The woods are
Full of opportunities